Charity – English

The idea of combining my bike-trip with a good cause has always been on my mind. I had read about other cyclists who had done it and I want to follow a concept that I know from charity-runs back in highschool: I set a price for a kilometer and whoever wants to support the project can buy as many kms as he or she wants to by donating an amount via my link on the donation-website “”. It really doesn’t matter if you ‘buy’ 1km or 100km, – I (and more importantly: the children who will be supported by the money) would be happy about every contribution. It really would top the adventure off if a nice amount could be donated at the end.

I have decided that 1km should cost 0,25€ which would mean a total of 2000€ (since it’s going to be 8000km). It’s really hard to estimate how many people will participate and donate, but even if the total amount will be smaller than the goal – it will still be a success.
It took me a while to figure out which charity I want to support with my trip, since there are so many to chose from. Finally I picked “Make-a-Wish Deutschland e.V.”. This organization helps children with life-threatening medical conditions to fulfil their biggest dreams – since I am fulfilling my own dream with this trip, I saw a connection and would be glad to help others in this way.

Screenshot Make-A-WishIf you want to donate, you can do so via The donating-platform ‘’ is a non-profit-organization and 100% of the money you donate will reach “Make-a-Wish Deutschland e.V.”. Credit Cards (Mastercard/Visa) are accepted and for the non-German speakers, I have put a translation of the donating-process on my donare-page. You can also donate anonymously if you’d like.

It’s important to donate via my donare-page since the amount is then shown on the “donation-counter” on my page and will contribute to the goal I have set. Besides donating money, it would of course also be helpful if this blog and the facebook-page reach many friends and relatives in order to have a bigger audience. If you would ‘share’ it, more donors can be found or people who are just interested in following the trip – both would be nice.

Since is in German only, I have translated the process for English-speakers. You can find a step-by-step instruction here. If you have any questions regarding the donation-process or anything else, feel free to send a mail to or a personal message via facebook.